Welcome to the Washington County Emergency Management Calendar

Washington County and its partner agencies provide locally sponsored training to enhance community preparedness for disasters and other emergency events. The training is made available in an effort to educate Washington County citizens and emergency responders, to teach them the skills necessary to help them to help themselves and their neighbors, and to better prepare them to respond to, and recover from the effects of emergencies.

The calendar provides information on upcoming emergency training being offered in Washington County. Classes are offered by different cities, towns or agencies and are offered in varying locations throughout the county. Using the calendar you can review upcoming training, obtain contact information for the training provider and register for available classes.

We encourage you to use the calendar, and the classes offered, to enhance your knowledge and to better prepare you and your family for potential disasters or emergencies.

Some classes offered are restricted to specific emergency response groups or require prerequisites. When classes are limited it is noted in the course description.

Utah Division of Emergency Management